About Our Sauces

What is Dad's Shoyu Chicken Sauce?

Shoyu Chicken sauce is what has been turning ordinary, plain chicken, into a succulent dish that has been a comfort food in Hawai’i for generations!  Yes, it’s a classic entrée that has been around for a very long time!


If you like teriyaki sauce, you’ll love Shoyu Chicken Sauce!  Generations ago, it all started with a very ambitious teriyaki sauce that didn’t want to be “just another teriyaki sauce.”  So, this teriyaki sauce traveled for many years, on the flavorful journey from Japan to China, and then to Hawai’i.  Along the way, this teriyaki sauce took on new spices and ingredients, resulting in a delicious complexity that has been earned Shoyu Chicken a permanent place on the menus of “plate lunch” restaurants throughout the islands.


At Dad’s Sauces, we took Shoyu Chicken sauce to the next level and beyond.  We began by developing a premium Shoyu Chicken Sauce, made with quality ingredients, and based on a recipe that I developed over many years.  We use a premium brand of Shoyu in all of our sauces, including our gluten-free sauces.  You will also notice the chunks of ingredients (including real garlic!) in all of our bottled sauces, which is why we highly recommend a thorough shaking of each bottle before use. 


Our Shoyu Chicken sauce also took the journey even further.  By traveling to California, our premium sauce took on even more ingredients and flavors, and discovered what could happen with the refreshing taste of citrus, or with the zesty and fruity spiciness of the jalapeno pepper.  These tantalizing new flavors not only took chicken in new culinary directions, they also did the same for pork, tofu, beef, lamb, fish, fried potatoes (yes, as in poutine!), dumplings (“potstickers”), meatballs, and vegetarian meatballs, just to name a few.


Knowing and controlling what goes into your meals are essential for maintaining a healthy diet.  But, with everything you already have to do, finding time in your schedule to cook can be a challenge.  So we’ve done the hard work for you.  Our sauces are ready to go, so you can spend less time cooking, and more time enjoying.  The best part is, even if you’re a novice at cooking, our sauces provide an easy, convenient and time-saving way to make restaurant-quality entrees at home!   


If you have 30 minutes, you can do this!  It’s really easy!  Just follow the instructions on the bottle.  All you do is combine chicken, or the meat of your choice, with Dad’s Shoyu Chicken Sauce, and cook until done.  And, if you are vegetarian, our sauces also turn tofu and other meatless ingredients into savory dishes! 


To all of our gluten-sensitive friends and family, we heard you!  Please enjoy our new line, of gluten-free sauces which are now available

Enjoy our sauces!