Cooking Instructions for Single Bottle

1.   Pour Sauce into an 8" to 9" pot.
2.  Add 2.5 to 3 pounds of chicken to pot, then cover
and bring to a boil.  Continue to boil on medium-high
heat for a few minutes before lowering temperature.
(For thinner sauce, add a few tablespoons of water.)
3.  Maintain steady boiling throughout the cooking.
Flip chicken halfway through the cooking process.
    Plate and Enjoy!
    Estimated Cooking Times:
    Thighs with bone in: 30 min. (flip after 15 min.)
    Half Breasts: 30 min. (flip after 15 min.)
    Drumsticks: 25 min. (flip after 12 min.)
    Wings: 20 min. (flip after 10 min.) Cooking times may vary.  
    Always cook chicken to 165 degrees F.