Vegitarian "Pulled Pork" (Jack Fruit)


Instructions for Dry Mix (powdered)

One 20-oz can

Green Jack Fruit*

2 – 4 Tbsp.

Dad’s Shoyu Chicken Dry Mix (flavor of your choice)

As Needed

 Olive Oil


* Typically found in Asian grocery stores and specialty markets like Trader Joe’s

Drain and rinse jack fruit under cold water, then pat dry with a paper towel.  Combine with Dad’s Shoyu Chicken Dry Mix and a light coat of olive oil, and marinate the jack fruit for at least 30 minutes (several hours is best).

When the marinating is complete, preheat oven (a toaster oven will definitely work) to 350o F.

Then drain sauce from jack fruit, and lightly coat jack fruit with olive oil.  Place the jack fruit in a single layer on a foil-lined pan (9 ½” x 7” or larger). 

When preheating to 350o F is complete, bake jack fruit for 30 minutes.  Flip jack fruit over, and continue to bake for an additional 30 minutes.

Shred* jack fruit to desired “pulled pork” consistency.  For added flavor and juiciness, add a little more of Dad’s Shoyu Chicken Sauce!  Just dissolve one part dry mix into one part boiling water, and combine with the jack fruit.

* Shredding can be done by using two forks to pull each piece apart.  Even easier:  wear gloves and shred it by hand.  Just a basic food service pair of plastic gloves will allow you to handle the baked jack fruit.

Plate and Enjoy!


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